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Ozzie Delgadillo

Improbable—from Juárez poor to worldly and wealthy.

More improbable—he’ll sacrifice it all for enlightenment.

Ozzie Delgadillo was born in 1934 in Juárez to an American father and Mexican mother. His mother was doting, devout, and protective. His father was absent, erratic, and abusive. The tiny house had its spigot and toilet outside. Is this a recipe for success?

Yet Ozzie knew he was far greater than these humble beginnings.

Indifferent to school unless he could speak to the class or romance the teacher, he learned straight from life—quickly. He had many mentors. A schoolmate improved his speech. With a beloved uncle, he gained strength, skill, and courage in dangerous work on moving trains. His younger brother showed him dancing. Romancing was inbred. In the macho culture, he saw prostitution and men mistreating women, yet an early girlfriend showed him that true caring makes sex beautiful. He sought refinement in classical music salons.

— Ozzie enjoying the Californian Coast —

After eighth grade, at 16, he left school and found work. By 18 he married and settled in Los Angeles. After a decade of factory work, mentors taught him real estate sales. He quickly became a top producer. He and his brother opened their own office, shaking up the industry with bold innovations. Outsized success afforded imported clothes, fancy cars, romantic encounters, and temptation.

His appetite for adventure put him in harm’s way. In bayou country, searching for treasure, he realized he was with killers. Uh-oh. At a healing service, disembodied forces overpowered him. The priest refused to exorcise. Now what?

But then he hungered for deeper meaning. A near fatal fall from a horse brought amnesia, a slow recovery, and a profound change of consciousness.

Ozzie devoured mystical books. He found a spiritual teacher. He learned to let spirit guide his speech and used his charisma to inspire others into their goodness. He facilitated workshops for his spiritual group throughout South America, bringing spiritual awakening to many. His church recognized him as “Minister of the Year.” Spirit worked through him, manifesting miracles of healing.

— Ozzie traveling in Europe —

He acquired a board and care home. With his big heart, mystical attunement, and knack for relating, he communicated with mentally ill clients in ways that baffled the staff psychiatrist.

His spiritual teacher told Ozzie that he had made an agreement with spirit to know himself completely as a spiritual being. He shouldn’t over create materially or spirit will undermine it. He persisted in outer creation. So spirit intervened. The 2008 downturn wiped out his finances. His health failed: cancer, blurred vision, and a stroke.
He surrendered, accepting it all with humor, grace, and unconditional love. Always learning, always growing, he found the teacher within. He claimed the richest reward, his life purpose—enlightenment.

Ozzie mastered the rules of the games of life, and sometimes he innovated, making new rules. During difficult setbacks, he never ever lost his sense of humor nor his ability to savor life. A hero to many, Ozzie radiated powerful optimism and contagious joy. He was deeply devoted to his life partners. He inspires us to enjoy life, to learn from everything, to grow, and to love unconditionally.

— Ozzie on spiritual pilgrimage with MSIA, Egypt —


John Cawley

John is pleased and honored to bring Ozzie’s heartfelt stories in On My Road to Heaven to a wider audience.

John was born in rural Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He enjoyed watching the waves the wind made in the nearby wheat field. Nature in the outer world and the nature of people has called to John. A career in software development taught John how to manage details and to test, test, test. John celebrated nature in Southern California by climbing Mt. Baldy, Mt. San Jacinto, in summer and snow. He enjoyed roaming the canyons of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Later, John explored intuition by writing a book of poetry. He took a doctoral degree in Spiritual Science from Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy. His thesis had a field study where his participants used animal “allies” as symbolic and energetic sources of inspiration and guidance. John “recruited” 13 animals from the canyon and mountains near his home.

Later, he joined the faculty of the doctoral program, facilitating students in Santa Monica, California and Sydney, Australia.

John has studied spiritual teachings his whole life. In his church he helped a friend format and print her memoir. He looked around for another person to assist with a memoir. When Ozzie accepted his help it started a 5-year friendship, culminating in On My Road to Heaven, A Bold and Joyful Life.


More Than Meets The I

More Than Meets the I, LLC offers publishing and educational services. John Cawley, principal, is called to explore what lies beyond our conventional day-to-day sense of identity.

What might we find? Sometimes it is mystical and miraculous, but more often it is the intimacy of the ordinary, a discovery of something new in our everyday path, recognizing something unexpected in another. It can be puzzling, curious, challenging, vulnerable, shouting from the roof tops or whispering to ripples in a pond.

After developing several personal book projects, John approached Ozzie Delgadillo about publishing his memoirs. This project was the start of a long and satisfying friendship which culminated in Ozzie’s book On My Road to Heaven.

John works with individuals and groups to discover and actualize more than meets the I.

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