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Via iBooks app:
Get the iBooks app
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Then use the app to search for On My Road to Heaven.

Via iTunes:
Open iTunes on your device, then search for On My Road to Heaven and buy via your current arrangement/interface.

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Volume discounts are available for qualified book clubs, non-profits, libraries, and other approved organizations.

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New to eBooks?

Vendors originally tied their eBook delivery to their proprietary reader, such as Kindle or Nook. Now most vendors also have reader apps you can download to your computer, tablet or smart phone. Following is a brief summary. We haven’t included all of the download links as there are so many possibilities. Some simple searching will take you to the appropriate download page.

The purchase and delivery mechanism usually mimics the way that vendor normally delivers content. For example, you might need to have an account set up with the vendor. Then when you order the eBook from your personal device, you’ll log in through your device. Their web store will recognize your account and allow you to purchase and download the book. In some cases, they’ll call it “synch-ing.” Normally you do not need to buy a separate copy for different devices you may have. For example, if you purchased the Kindle version for your Kindle device, but also have the Kindle reader on your PC, the reader on your PC will recognize that you have already purchased the book and make it available to you.

The operation of the app reader usually mimics, very closely, the way the device (Kindle or Nook, for example) works.

Amazon offers free downloads for readers for: PC, Mac, IOS (iPhone / iPad), and Android (many smart phone models). Use your search engine with key words “Kindle reader” and add one more search term for the device on which you want to run the reader app.

The ePub format is used by many vendors. The easiest way to read an ePub book on your alternate device is via a free download of the Adobe Digital Edition.

Keep in mind that eBook publishing is a dynamic industry segment, changing and improving frequently. However, vendors are highly motivated to make these tools available to you.