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“On My Road to Heaven is riveting and inspiring—with Ozzie’s electric energy on every page. Ozzie lived life all-in. No matter the challenge, he made it a vital adventure to get up one more time.

I could feel him telling me to live more, love more, and embrace change boldly . . . to trust that all of being human is lovable, and ultimately forgivable. I think that Ozzie got up one more time, and walked straight into the Heart of God.”

Leigh Taylor-Young, Emmy Award Winning Actress

“Ozzie’s book is like a great movie: lots of action, intriguing characters, exotic locations, love stories, nail-biting danger, and a great ending.

He escaped poverty into riches. Then he questioned life, and found inner riches through spirit. Ozzie was a visionary. He was bold, romantic, and a hero to many of us. His book is heart-opening, funny and profound.”

Sally Kirkland, Oscar Nominee, Golden Globe winner

“In 1988 my spiritual teacher, John-Roger, led a pilgrimage and retreat to Egypt and Israel. These trips were incredibly deep and transforming. Ozzie helped me by getting me on that trip. It was there that I made the commitment to serve John-Roger. Ozzie knew I wanted to be with John-Roger, and he was 100% there for me.

It is an honor to have known Ozzie, such a great man— one of the few people who did simultaneous translation into Spanish of John-Roger’s live seminars.

His bold, candid, and revealing stories give you a taste of his exciting life and his spiritual journey leading him to John-Roger. It confirms to me that John-Roger marked him lifetimes ago.

Thank you Ozzie for your seva (selfless service) to John-Roger.”

Jesus Garcia, D.S.S., author, The Love of a Master.

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