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Uncle Manuel Rescues Me from Jail

Ozzie mouths off to police who beat him and take him toward the cemetery where bad things happen. He talks them out of killing him. They take him to jail where he actually knows some of the incarcerated characters. How does he get out of this?

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I Danced With An Angel

At age 16, Ozzie goes to a formal dance with his younger brother. He dances the night away with a beautiful blonde. He walks her to her home. They agree to meet the next day, but he never finds her. Why?

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Sir Del Realtors

After becoming a top producer at two other real estate sales offices, Ozzie and brother Del open their own office. They bring bold innovation into the real estate industry.

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How Do You Create a Universe?

Ozzie offers to bring a catered dinner to share with John-Roger and staff. Naïve to John-Roger’s dietary needs, he brings a dish with spices, onions, and garlic. But, later something mystical unfolds.

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Bringing Healing to a Doctor in Colombia

Ozzie traveled in Colombia and Peru having adventures. In this period of attunement to the light, sometimes he was a vehicle to bring miraculous healing to others.

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A Stroke Gets My Attention

Ozzie’s spiritual teacher, John-Roger told him his life purpose was to know his true self. If he over-created in the material world, spirit would undermine his creations, urging him to re-direct. The undermining comes with grave health problems.

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