How Do You Create a Universe?

In the earlier years of our spiritual group, our teacher, John-Roger, had more time to spend with us personally. One time I asked, “J-R, how about we have dinner at your place, and I’ll take care of all the food?”

He said, “Hey, great! Talk to my staff and see when we can get that on the schedule. Sure, we’ll do it.”

I said, “Wonderful.” I checked with one of the fellows who took care of the appointments, “Hey, I talked to John-Roger, and he said ‘Yeah, let’s do the dinner.’”

The staff person said, “Oh, great, Ozzie. Good food?”

I said, “Yeah, good food.” My son Eric was with me most of the time, like a piece of chewing gum attached to me. He was about 14 at that time. I knew a real good Mexican cook. I told him, “Listen, I’m gonna need a dinner to go, for about 10 people. What do you suggest?”

“What about goat barbeque? You know, with Mexican people, it’s a big hit!”

“That’s great!” I said. Later, we picked it up and drove up to Mandeville Canyon, where John-Roger lived. We arrived with a big stainless steel bucket, filled with food. We also had plenty of tortillas, chilies, and onions. It was everything that John-Roger doesn’t eat, but I didn’t know about that at the time. All of his staff was there. We warmed it up on the stove. Eric took care of the tortillas. I served the food and was watching John-Roger. I told him, “It’s goat barbeque.” I loved it! It had a great sauce. Delicious. It had everything you need for a hell of a good time.

I don’t know if J-R tasted it. He probably did taste it. I don’t know if he really went for it. The staff didn’t say anything. I know they ate some. And there was a lot of happiness, joy, and laughter. Eric helped to clean up afterwards. After that, I was sitting in the kitchen, and then John-Roger moved around behind my chair. He put his hands on my shoulder. I felt an energy from him transmitting so much love. I just asked him, “J-R, are you taking me all the way to where we are supposed to go?”

“Yeah, Ozzie, I’m taking you all the way.”

“Thank you, J-R.”

“That’s OK. Don’t mention it.” I realize some readers might not know what this means. It doesn’t matter, but it was, and still is, a really big deal to me. Some of you will know exactly what that meant.

From there, we moved to the front of the house where he had a small entry way with a little love seat and a chair. It was very cozy. It was getting a bit late now. We had been talking for a while. It was dark outside. Eric started to fall asleep with his head on my shoulder. J-R was sitting on one of the benches. I asked him, “J-R, you talk about universes, and you talk about all this fantastic stuff that’s taking place in the other dimensions. And you mention something about creating universes, and that the Mystical Traveler can do that kinda stuff. How do you create a universe?”

— Ozzie relaxing. Early 1970s. —

He replied, “Oh, Ozzie, it’s simple.” All of a sudden I was up in the sky—way up! I was among the stars, thousands of stars. The color of the sky was a beautiful dark blue, but there was plenty of light. J-R and I were dressed in long purple gowns. As he was talking to me, we were floating in the air. There was no movement. We were just standing up in the sky. Everywhere I looked—upward, downward, sideways—there was just sky and stars everywhere. Then he said, “Look, Ozzie.” He took his left hand in his right hand and said, “I pull a piece of a hang-nail. I take it in my right hand and I swirl it into space.”

Then, he just threw the hangnail out. It traveled off like a little spark. And then way far away, there was an explosion of light. I was just looking at it. He said, “See, Ozzie, that’s how we create a universe. We create a universe, and you know what, Ozzie? Once it is created, then we’ll send Eric, your son, and he will be the Mystical Traveler of that place.”

All of a sudden, we were sitting down again in the small space. It was quiet. He didn’t say anything. There was nothing to say. Eric was totally asleep. I said, “You know J-R, it’s getting a bit late. I gotta take Eric home to bed.”

“Yeah, you’d better take him home.”

“J-R, thank you very much for everything.”

He said, “Hey, thank you for the dinner, and all that stuff.” The catering gear was already in bags, so we just loaded them in the car. I got Eric into the car and drove him home. That was a night with the Traveler, my spiritual teacher. What an honor.

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